BENEFITSHigh-grade customized medical imagery datasets

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Get adequate data volume, annotation, truth, and reusability of the MRI datasets. With data elements, metadata, and an identifier for each medical imaging data object.


Accurate and reproducible datasets as close to providing ground truth as possible.

Computed tomography scan (CT)

Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable CT datasets described and labeled according to your demand.

Datasets based on your data

Preparing datasets from your raw data. The classification labels of each imaging examination would be accurately prepared under the guidance of radiologists and data scientists.

DATASETSMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

We offer high-grade and diversely structured Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) datasets which are labeled involving professional physicians for the most demanding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ventures.

We are collecting medical imagery data from government and private hospitals, processing it, and providing datasets for scientific researches, commercial developments, etc.

All our Datasets
⦁ Built by F.A.I.R. principles
⦁ Properly de-identified
⦁ Manually processed by humans
⦁ Reviewed by radiologists
⦁ Labeled according to your requirements

DATASETSComputed Tomography Scan (CT)

Get high-quality annotated CT datasets that satisfy your demands in computer-based image recognition and analysis projects.

We have deployed a network to collect CT scan data from a variety of medical institutions. Based on this data, we create medical datasets specifically for the tasks of artificial intelligence researchers, as well as medical institutions. Our team specializes in medical research with the use of images marked by practicing radiologists which leads to incredible labeling quality. We set ourselves a task to build the finest and precisely organized medical datasets.

All our Datasets meet the following requirements:

⦁ Images could be processed in any format from DICOM to JPG
⦁ Images could be downsampled according to your demand 256×256 px usually
⦁ Images could be labeled in different ways to answer your specific questions
⦁ Images will contain relevant metadata


X-ray images acquisited from Eastern European clinics and processed according to your needs.
Data may be close to its raw form or transformed into the anonymized dataset. On your demand, X-ray image datasets will be processed to include a relevant subset of rows, columns, chosen metrics, and a variety of other options.

Data processingDatasets based on your data

We are able to process datasets based on your raw medical data.

In case you have clinical images but wish to outsource the costly phase of data processing, we are able to perform labeling, curating, and formatting medical image data for AI algorithm development to help you achieve your goals with the utmost efficiency.

1 - Contact us
You contact us to schedule a call
2 - Onboarding
We discuss your inquiry and goals
3 - Project evaluation
You receive time and budget evaluation of the project
4 - Data acquisition
After prepayment, we proceed with collecting the necessary data
5 - Data processing
Data is processed and labeled according to your requirements
6 - Dataset transferring
You pick up the dataset and start training your ML models